Current in Zionsville

Current in Zionsville


A Visit to Fes, Morocco


The Anzac Memorial
Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair
The Famous Bondi Beach
Sydney’s Luna Park
The Sydney Harbour Bridge
From Rocks to Riches in Sydney
A Building Changed a Country


Vienna’s Magnificent Opera House
Vienna’s Victory Column
Home of the Lipizzaners
Melk Abbey’s Reusable Coffin
Linz: Forgetting Hitler
Schönbrunn Palace: The House Maria Built
Dürnstein and Richard the Lionheart


Brussels’ Magnificent Town Hall
Brussels’ Fountain of Youth


Modern Statues in Old Havana

Jesus in Havana
John Lennon in Cuba
Cuba’s Classic Cars
Havana’s Symbolic Capitol
Cienfuegos – A Planned City
Where Castro Spoke
Havana’s Rest Stop for Columbus
Hemingway’s Cojimar
Morro Castle and the Fourteenth Colony
History in a Havana Hotel
Fusterlandia: A Cuban Oasis
Trindad, Cuba: Sugar Cane and Santeria
A New Cuba is Coming

Czech Republic

Prague’s Last Judgement Mosaics
Prague’s Popular Mortuary
Prague’s Charles Bridge
Prague Castle and Diversity
Remembering Prague’s Reformation
Terezin: Remembering a Cruel Hoax
Prague’s Orloj: The March of Times
Český Krumlov: Going Backward
Josefov: A Place to Remember
Prague’s Deadly Windows


Copenhagen’s Magical Spire
Copenhagen’s Expensive “Toaster”
The Little Mermaid
War and Peace in Copenhagen
Lessons from a Copenhagen Statue


Burj Al Arab: A Seven-Star Hotel?
Dubai: Between Las Vegas and Oz


A Visit to Aswan

A Visit to Cairo

Exploring the Khan El-Khalili Souk

Clear Waters: Murky History

Cairo’s Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hasan
Valley of the Nobles
Cairo’s Famous Interfaith Mosque
Visiting Aswan
Destroying Hatshepshut’s Soul
Teti’s Pyramid: Backward Progress
Saladin and the Cairo Citadel
The Valley of the Queens
Churches Amid the Fortress
Kom Ombo’s Unique Dual Temple
Cairo’s Historic Synagogue
Ramesseum: Temple for Eternity
The Singing Colossus of Memnon
The Treasures of Memphis
The Miracle of the Hanging Church
Karnak Temple’s Sacred Lake
Philae: A Temple, a Bed and a Comet
Mysteries of the Sphinx
Karnak’s Forest of Columns
The Holy Family in Egypt
City of the Dead
Deir el-Medina’s Tomb Builders
Dendera Temple and Cleopatra
Khufu’s Flying Boat
Abydos: Triads and Trinities
Medinet Habu: Philistines in Egypt
The Ark at Edfu
The Pyramids’ Stepping Stones
Hatshepsut: Egypt’s Female Pharaoh
Secrets of the Pyramids
King Tut: Fame from Obscurity
Monumental Undertakings by Ramses II
Where is Mt. Sinai?
Biblical History at Karnak Temple
Steeple Chase


Visiting Shakespeare’s Birthplace
The World’s Most Famous Store
Progress Threatens an Iconic View
Buckingham Palace – Fit for a Queen
The Rosetta Stone
Westminster Abbey’s Historic Remains
Lincoln in London
Kensington Palace: The Aunt’s Heap
The Other London Bridge
Keeping an Eye on London
The Shard: New Symbol of London?
Will England Lose its Marbles?
The Mall of London
Westminster’s Home of Traditions
English Wartime Resolve on Display
The Tower of London: The Glitz and the Ghastly
St. Paul’s Saving Grace


Tallinn: The Old and The New
Estonia: Born Singing


Going Back in Porvoo
Helsinki: Beauty in the Far North
Helsinki and the Czar
Finnish Saunas: The Naked Truth


The Musée d’Orsay
Notre-Dame Survival Stories
A Nice Place to Visit
Napoleon’s Arch
Les Invalides and Napoleon’s Tomb
Paris’ Accidental Memorial
The Louvre’s Satanic Pyramid?
Luxembourg Palace: Bawdy No More
Notre Dame: Famous Supporters
The Parisian Arch of Progress
Hearts and Minds in the Pantheon
The Legacy of Gustave Eiffel
Sainte Chapelle is Worth a Visit
The Sacred and the Profane on Montmartre


The World’s Busiest Canal

Repurposing a Bismarck Memorial
Charlottenburg Palace: Honoring a Queen’s Independence
Checkpoint Charlie
Berlin’s Dome of Openness
Berlin’s Twin Towers
Painting the Berlin Wall
Passau: Swords and Records
Never Again?
Hamburg: Beatles and Burgers
Berlin’s Clandestine Tunnel
The “Pope’s Revenge”
Brandenburg Gate: Symbol of Unity
Lübeck and the Bells of St. Mary’s
King Ludwig’s Fairy Tale Castle
Famous Firsts in Deutsches Museum


A Visit to Crete’s Chania

Kerameikos: Site of a Famous Speech
Arkadi Monastery: Symbol of Independence
The Mona Lisa of Prehistory
The Parthenon: Illusions of Grandeur
Gods and Politics in Athens Agora
Crete Expectations


The Beautiful Sisi
Buda Castle and the Holy Hand
Budapest’s Fitting Memorial
Budapest’s Battling Memorials
Budapest’s Great Synagogue
Budapest, City on the Danube


A Visit to Chennai

Chennai’s Famous Bronzes

Norbulingka Institute: Tibet Comes to India
Udaipur’s Lake Palace
Ahmedabad’s Sidī Saiyyed Mosque
A Muslim Emperor’s Church
Jaipur’s Great Observatory
Jag Mandir: A Hindu Palace with a Muslim Building
Old Delhi
The Shore Temple of Southern India
The Palace and the Princess
Remembering Hare Krishna
Remembering Mahatma Gandhi
Mosque for the King of the World
A Parliament without a Country
Jaipur’s Giant Jars
Honoring a Sufi Saint
Tomb of Akbar the Great
Yamuna: India’s Other Sacred River
Agra Fort and its Harem
Red Fort: Symbol of Independence
India’s Church in the Wildwood
Amritsar and Indian Independence
Home of the Dalai Lama
Golden Temple of Equality
Draft of the Taj Mahal
Palace of the Winds
St. Thomas and the Temple
Full Employment at Amber Fort
Ancestor of the Taj Mahal
Pancha Rathas: Honoring a Poem
Ahmedabad’s Home of Independence
India’s Underground Water Temples
Delhi’s Tower of Destruction
The Death of a Temple
Starting from the Bottom
Potter Familias
Fatehpur Sikri: City of Tolerance
Ranakpur’s Spectacular Jain Temple
The Cows of India
Taj Mahal: A Magnificent Obsession


Ireland’s Book of Kells: Cold-Blooded Hallucination?


Seeing the “Jesus Boat”

King Herod’s Aqueduct
Masada’s Royal Bath House
Harod Spring and its Drinking Test
Katzrin: Jewish Reconstruction
Beth She’an: History in a Park
Chorazin and the Seat of Moses
Moses and the Wilderness Rock
Church of the Beatitudes
Capernaum: The Healing Place
Pass History
Israel’s Sacred Lake
Caesarea Maritima: Herod’s Great City
Tel Dan: Proof of King David
Hippos: The City on a Hill
Arad’s Temple: Honoring God’s Wife?
Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls
Nazareth: Where was Gabriel?
Megiddo: The Last Battleground?
The Gates of Hades
Mountain Top Experiences
Valley of the Shadow of Death


A Visit to Assisi

Churches and Ancient Roman Buildings

Rome’s Obelisks

Rome’s Twin Columns

Rome’s Borghese Gallery

Rome’s Trevi Fountain

Secrets of a Naples Museum
Confusion on Rome’s Palatine Hill
The World’s First Museum
Rome’s Spanish Steps
Rome’s Circus Maximus
Censoring Michelangelo
Palatine Hill and its Palace
Miracle of the Salute
Brunelleschi’s Dome
The Arch of Constantine
A Legacy of Saturn’s Temple?
Michaelangelo and his Pieta
Missing Portrait in the Doge’s Palace
Rome’s Heavenly Dome
The Bones of St. Peter’s
Orvieto: Piazzas and Popes
Michelangelo’s Marble Miracles
Does the Bible Describe Pompeii?
Rome’s Haunting Bone Church
The Sun and the Moon
A Body Divided in Venice
The Menorah in the Roman Arch
No Hungry Lions Here


Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Temple Mount

Jerusalem’s Unexpected Houses
The Confusing Chapel, Church and Dome of the Ascension
Honoring Mary Magdalene
The Pool of Siloam
The Remains of Jerusalem’s Second Temple
The Burnt House: Evidence of Horrors
Where Jesus Walked
Beth Shemesh’s Golden “Tumors”
Jerusalem’s Bethesda Pool
The Church of Jesus’ Grandmother
Remembering the Agony of Jesus
Mount of Olives: Meeting Place
Cave 25 and the Oldest Bible Verses
Mysteries of the City of David
Jerusalem’s Holy Wall
The Garden and Gethsemane
Where Jesus Wept
Who’s in David’s Tomb?
Awaiting the Messiah
Jerusalem’s Immoveable Ladder
The Rolling Stone
Rock Center in Jerusalem


The Mosaics in Petra’s Byzantine Church
Amman’s Roman Theatre
A Monastery Worth a Hike
Ruins of Shobak Castle
Pella and the End of Time
The Graves of Moses
Treasure Map or Ancient Hoax?
Citadel Hill’s History Parade
Jerash: Ruins and Bagpipes
Jordanian Map Shows the Way
Petra: Tales of the Crypts
When Pigs Flew in Gardara


A Visit to Cabo San Lucas

A Visit to San José del Cabo

Mexico City’s Angel of Independence
Coyoacán: Honoring Coyotes
Mexico City’s Other Blue House
The Trotsky House Museum
The Desert of the Lions
Xochimilco’s Historical Entertainment
The Pyramids of Teotihuacan


The Monte Carlo Casino
The Palace of a Prince


The Once Incomparable Palace
Marrakesh’s Dreamlike Garden
A Monument to Tolerance
The Legacy of Koutoubia Mosque
Saadian Tombs: Tolerance in Death
Volubilis: Morocco’s Roman City
Marrakesh: Cobras on the Square
Fes el Bali: Time Machine to a Golden Age
A Moroccan Versailles


Amsterdam Central Station
The Dam Square
The Canals of Amsterdam
Amsterdam: Bicycle Capital

New Zealand

A Visit to Auckland

Wellington’s Shipwreck Coast
Queenstown, New Zealand
Dunedin’s Gingerbread House
A Visit to Middle Earth
Napier: Art Deco Capital
Jumping Off a New Zealand Bridge
Christchurch: A Resilient City
New Zealand’s Historic House
A Beautiful Sound in New Zealand


Grotto of the Nativity
Bethlehem’s Manger Square
The Mount of Temptation
The Walls of Jericho
Bethlehem’s Other Cave
Christmas Eve in Bethlehem
Christmas Lessons from a Palestinian House


Lisbon’s Monumental Square
The Jerónimos Monastery of Belém
Ravens and Bones in Lisbon
Tower of Belém: Lisbon’s Style Setter
Lisbon and the Age of Exploration


The Peter and Paul Cathedral
St. Petersburg’s Catherine Palace
St. Petersburg: What’s in a Name?
War and Peace in Kronstadt
The Hermitage: Arts and Cats
St. Isaac’s Deadly Domes
Catherine’s Room is Missing
Peterhof’s Kingdom of Fountains


Culloden: Scotland’s Gettysburg
The Castle and the Monster


Exploring Bratislava

Devin Castle and the Maiden Tower
Maria Theresa’s Castle

South Africa

A Visit to Cape Town

South Africa’s Wine Country
South Africa’s True False Bay
Legendary Cape of Good Hope
Cape Town: Beauty and Brains
Robben Island: Hardship and Inspiration


Visiting Málaga, Spain

Tales of the Alhambra
Cordoba’s Historic Synagogue
The Heart of Madrid
Cordoba’s Golden Age
Seville’s Tower of Gold
Medina Azahara: Versailles of the Middle Ages
Seville’s Mudéjar Palace
Ronda’s Wings and Rings
The Alhambra: At the Center of 1492
What Remains of Columbus?
Cordoba’s Famous Mosque/Cathedral

St. Maarten

Fools Rush In


Sigtuna and the Vikings
Vasa: Stockholm’s Famous Ship


Zermatt and the Matterhorn
Geneva’s Flower Clock
Zurich: A Zwinglian Legacy
A Bridge and a Tower in Lucerne


The Tombs of Saladin
The House of Ananias
Canatha: City of the Decapolis
Zachariah and the Aleppo Mosque
Syria’s Historic Jaabar Castle
Resafa: Honoring Sergius
Ebla and the Forgotten Empire
Syria’s Dead Cities
Historic Apamea Threatened by War
The Language of Jesus in Ma’loula
Jesus and the Mosque
Ancient City on the Euphrates
Wheels in Jeopardy
Palmyra: Deplorable Destruction
World Record for Pole Sitting
Ezra Church: Saintly Protection?
Aleppo: Cry for Me
An (Ancient) Syrian Model of Tolerance
Syria’s Castle of the Knights
Paradise and a Syrian Church Floor
Christian History in Syria
Ugarit Rewrites the Bible
Palmyra: Syria’s Spectacular Desert City
Bosra, Syria: Did Islam Begin Here?
Damascus: Plenty of Christian History


Visiting Taipei’s Maokong
Taipei’s Grand Hotel
Changing of the Guard
Taipei 101
Taipei’s Longshan Temple
Taipei: A Caldron and a Cabbage


Istanbul’s Riverfront Mosque
The Goreme Open Air Museum
Istanbul’s Shopping Paradise
St. John’s Amazing Grave
Istanbul’s Tower of Flight
Roman Engineering in Aspendos
Miniaturk: An Empire in an Afternoon
Antalya: World-Class Resort City
The Library of Ephesus
Istanbul’s Dolmabahçe Palace
Istanbul’s Underground Forest
St. George: Origins of an Icon
The Treasures of Topkapı Palace
Blue Mosque: Domes and Ostrich Eggs
Iconic Images in Istanbul
Hagia Sophia: Icons and History
Ephesus: Believe It or Not
Antakya: Where Christianity Began
Cappadocia: Fairy Chimneys and Ancient Churches
Istanbul: The End of Europe

United States

Falls of the Ohio State Park Revisited

A Visit to Falls of the Ohio State Park

Corydon:  Indiana’s First State Capital

Not a Visit to Fort Ouiatenon

The James Whitcomb Riley Museum House

Metamora:  A Nineteenth Century Canal Town

Experiencing Hoosier Hysteria

Visiting Over-the-Rhine

A Visit to Louisville

A Visit to Galena, Illinois

A Visit to Cabbage Key

A Visit to Sanibel

A Visit to Sedona

A Visit to Santa Barbara

A Visit to Catalina

The Historic Athenaeum in Indianapolis

A Visit to Nasvhille, Indiana

Historic Hinkle Fieldhouse

A Visit to Oldfields

The Historic Speedway

A Visit to Crown Hill

The Home of President Benjamin Harrison

The Legacy of Madam C. J. Walker

Grouseland: Indiana Home of William Henry Harrison

George Rogers Clark National Historical Park

Turkey Run State Park

Tippecanoe Battlefield

Remembering the Trail of Death

Restoring Past Glories

West Baden Springs

French Lick and its Pluto Water

Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial

Logansport’s Dentzel Carousel

Indiana’s Grand Central Station

T. C. Steele State Historic Site

Historic New Harmony Revisited

New Harmony: Two “Utopias”

Miller House – A Mid-Century Treasure

Historic Landmarks in Columbus

Samara House – An Indiana Landmark

Madison’s Lanier Mansion

A Visit to Madison, Indiana

The Indiana Medical Museum

Georgia O’Keeffe and her Santa Fe Museum

The Story of Story

Deer Creek Sycamores: Fact or Fiction?

Remembering President Reagan
Durango: Railroader’s Paradise
Looking Backward
The Dirt of Chimayó
Queen of the Missions
A Stupa in the Mountains
Remembering Valentine’s Day
Pecos Historical Park: 800 Years of History
The Mis-located Monument
Jefferson’s Contradictions
The Almost Eternal Flame
A Grand Central Station
The Grand Canyon: A Natural Wonder
Religion in a National Park
Arlington House and its Cemetery
Crater Lake
Mushrooms in the Meadow
Monticello: Symbol of Enlightenment
Mesa Verde National Park
The Biltmore Estate
America’s Oldest Church
The Hoodoos of Bryce Canyon
America’s Oldest Settlement
Santa Fe’s “Miraculous Staircase”
Washington’s National Cathedral
James Smithson’s Legacy
America’s Temple of Justice
The American Dream
Bodega Bay’s Thanksgiving Bells
The Capitol: Homage to Roman Gods?
Washington’s Old Virginia Home
Indiana War Memorial: A Local Treasure
Shipshewana: Where Present Meets Past
Plains and Simple
Queen of the Missions

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